I started The Neighbourhood Threat when I was in college doing my A- Levels! I would scavenge round charity shops finding treasures to resell online. I carried on throughout uni and since graduating it has now become my job and I absolutely love it! 

The name of my shop comes from the song 'Neighbourhood Threat' by Iggy Pop. There's a couple of lines that go "Everybody always wants to kiss my trash" and "Come place your bet on The Neighbourhood Threat". I found this quite suitable as I was selling other peoples old clothes which they probably saw as trash, and customers would place their bets by sending me offers for what I was selling online!

Now we don't only sell vintage clothing, but a range of bespoke handmade homewares made from recycled vintage textiles! We travel all over the North-  West selling our products at Artisan Markets!


I take most of my inspiration from bright packaging and things you would find in your kitchen cupboards! I hope my products bring you joy and happy memories!


Holly x 





Studio 4201

Islington Mill

Unit 4

Regent Trading Estate


M5 4DE

Opening hours

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